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  Effective January 1, 2021 South Eastern Indiana Natural Gas Co., Inc. became a part of the Beynon family portfolio of companies, which includes several natural gas utilities. Mr. Wortman of South Eastern Indiana Natural Gas Co., Inc., has been a board member of Ohio Valley Gas Corp. (OVG), a Beynon family-owned company, for fourteen years. This change was made in the best interest of our customers and our dedicated employees.

The Wortman and Beynon families share a dedication to provide safe and reliable natural gas service to customers, and in being good stewards within the communities served. Ira D. Beynon, founded OVG to be about people and relationships, and this belief is being carried on by the third generation of the Beynon family.  

South Eastern Indiana Natural Gas Co., Inc. remains the natural gas provider for residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial customers and the Milan office remains operating and committed to serving our customers and communities.

This is an exciting time and we look forward to maintaining the trust customers and businesses have in South Eastern Indiana Natural Gas Co., Inc. as we continue providing excellent service and grow in the communities we serve.
Why Natural Gas?

• Lower cost & better comfort
• Higher quality heat
• Reliable & safe
• A natural occurring energy source
• Made in the USA
Minimize Your Bill

• Install a programmable thermostat
• Keep window shades and draperies   open during the day
• Have your furnace serviced
Natural Gas Tips

How to identify a possible gas leak:

Smell rotten egg or sulfur odor
Hear blowing or hissing sound
See blowing dirt

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